January 3, 2021

FINDING THE LIGHT Exhibition at Photoplace Gallery

Nativity Figure, Black Friday, San Diego

Photo by Norm Halm featured in juried exhibition of photography called FINDING THE LIGHT at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury Vermont from December 31, 2020 to January 21, 2021

Cover Photo by Susan Licht

Juror's Statement
I recently geographically transitioned from the Pacific Northwest to the Southwest, and consequently have been very attuned to the differences in light. That, combined with the slow days of pandemic isolation, has given me the space and time to feel how light shifts throughout the hours and how that effects one’s psyche. It was a natural sidestep to immerse myself into the consideration of images submitted to Finding the Light (while some kind of political/cultural metaphor hovered nearby – how does one find the light in these times?). 

Illuminate (15thc) is from the Latin illūmināre, to light up; from lumen, light. The Italian language gives us illuminata, illuminare, illuminarsi, illuminazione.

Illuminate means to make lucid or clear, to make shining, to reveal details. In looking at the submissions, I was pulled into scenarios where something was being explained to me, a story was being told with the length of light waves. In the end, images that explored an unknown angle, a fleeting dimension, held my interest – light has power to turn an ordinary spot extraordinary. A great many images used light to craft an image – patience is needed for this. Or, an expert eye that can fit it into a strong composition super-quick. Thank you to the artists for doing the work and bringing so many interpretations of illumination to the table.

-Laura Moya

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