October 29, 2013

Fog Spirit; Anima Motrix~ Goat Rock State Beach

"We are human only in contact, and conviviality, with what is not human."

Fog Spirit in the golden autumn sunlight. Lichen growing on quartz laden rocky outcrops drinks from the fog rising, twisting, whirling, dancing up off of the sea, speaking to us of the terroir's aliveness and offering to make its personhood known... Beings other than human call us to fully realize our humanity.

"Caught up in a mass of abstractions, our attention hypnotized by a host of human-made technologies that only reflect us back to ourselves, it is all too easy to forget our carnal inheritance in a more-than-human matrix of sensations and sensibilities. Our bodies have formed themselves in delicate reciprocity with the manifold textures, sounds, and shapes of an animate earth--our eyes have evolved in subtle interaction with other eyes, as our ears are attuned by their very structure to the howling of wolves and the honking of geese. To shut ourselves off from these other voices, to continue by our lifestyles to condemn these other sensibilities to the oblivion of extinction, is to rob our own senses of their integrity, and to rob our minds of their coherence. We are human only in contact, and conviviality, with what is not human."

~David Abram from The Spell of the Sensuous 

October 25, 2013

His Eyes Like Fire by Jeremiah Phin

Ready for a good scare? Check out His Eyes Like Fire, a new collection of short stories from author Jeremiah Phin's horror series, Before You Go To Sleep.  At a special price for the next two weeks.  Click on the link below to purchase...if you dare. (Photography and design by Norm Halm)

May 1, 2013

Heirloom Carrots From My Fire Escape Garden

I'm having an occult relationship with my garden in The City.
"The greatest delight which the fields and woods minister, is the suggestion of an occult relation between man and the vegetable. I am not alone and unacknowledged.
They nod to me, and I to them." ~Emerson 

April 28, 2013

Great Grand Father Oak, Petaluma CA

My friend, The Great Grand Father Oak. Standing before it, its megalith like mass and strength can be sensed in the observer's own body. This tree is a guardian of that place, which has many many eyes all around. The Great Oak offers spirit medicine of fortitude and power, entering my body as if by an electric current that magnifies in intensity; synchronized and magnifying in proportion to the growing level of reverence in my heart. I lift my eyes to the sky, now with my own roots deep deep down commingled with Hirs, and just then a lone wind rises and howls in the branches above me.