June 20, 2011

Welcome Summer

The solstices and equinoxes are much more meaningful to me than national and religious holidays. Living in Coastal Northern California, the seasons are very very subtle. People who have moved here often say, "I miss the real seasons- spring, summer, fall and winter." Myself, I'm very sensitive to the duration and the quality of light throughout the year. The way my shadow looks at noon on any given day, the goldeness or blueness of the light, what the plants are doing and which foods are growing... these are the subtleties that fill me the feeling of the season... and there seems to be many more seasons here than just the one or two. Right now my noon shadow is at it's shortest and the light is a cool blue for most of the day; The summer solstice is coming! That means I've gone 35 journeys around the sun on this beautiful and alive blue green sphere in the heavens.